Six on Saturday

An explosion of Spring with three hot days in a row has meant that all the loveliness that seemed to be on hold has just burst out in unbelievable exuberance. Blossom and blue skies and heat makes it feel as if the garden is hurtling forward at speed. Am guessing that cooler weather will come and slow it all down, but today feels almost dizzy with the speed of change. Last Sunday couldn’t feel my cold toes at the Farmers market; this week a little burned by the sun. A bit late in the day for my six and so if you pop over to The Propagator by now there should be a whole lot of other Sixes to enjoy.

So first of all is the reliable, but glamorous Abu Hassan tulip which seems to come back healthily every year despite neglect and clay soil. At the allotment it pushes itself up through heavy clay which might make it slightly daintier year on year, but it is still very striking.

flowers 083

Next are the boughs of arching white on the Spirea Bridal Wreath. This is its moment of  eye catching perfection.

flowers 101

Third is a bit of a repeat, but the tapestry of Narcissus Pipit, Thalia and Hawera in varying shades of yellow, cream and white is simple and prettily cheerful outside my front door. They’ll soon be gone.

flowers 094

Today the Amelanchior could not be more beautiful and the blossoms are relishing the sun.

flowers 099

Fifth are the sweetpeas planted at the plot against the metal grid which is one of my favourite things. No pesky netting to get tangled up in, just a solid and attractive support. So actually number 5 is the grid not the sweetpeas.

flowers 090

Last are the blue cornflowers I am growing for a wedding later this year. These are at the plot, but they also appear at the allotment and will be in my own garden. This is the only must have flower requested by the bride. Every time one tray germinates, the next gets sown. Hoping this will guarantee buckets of blue.

flowers 092

Lets hope I can protect these young plants from the onslaught of slugs. Nothing is growing as prolifically in my garden as they are this Spring.

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8 Responses to Six on Saturday

  1. Cornflowers? What great taste (ie the same as mine 🙂 ) Love the tulips, these orangey/russetty/reddy ones are just wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the sweet peas in all their glory!

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  2. fredgardener says:

    Your Spring Spirea looks like mine with its many tiny white flowers ( S Arguta):. a pleasure to smell it right now !

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    Is ‘amelanchior’ the common name? One of my colleagues knows it at serviceberry. I thought it was saskatoon. Others know it as shadbush. (Perhaps all this confusion is a good reason to use the Latin name as the common name.)


  4. Amelanchier is genus name but it seems to have lots of common names including Serviceberry and Juneberry. I love it, but the storms here over night have given it a bit of a battering. Lots of white petals all over the grass today.


  5. cavershamjj says:

    J need to get a few of those grid thingies. Where did you get yours?


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