January: bulbs and seeds

If you would welcome some colour to brighten the gloom, there are small pots of Spring bulbs and packets of seeds to buy with more available in the coming weeks. They can be delivered to your door, if you send your order to the email below. Payment can be via BACS, cash in an envelope or contactless. There is a minimum order of £5 for delivery. Alternatively, seeds can be posted with a small extra cost for postage and packaging.


What is available this week:

The bulbs are all sprouting, but none are yet in flower. The pictures are a guide.

Iris Reticulata
Crocus Lilac Beauty
Narcissus Tete a Tete
Crocus Cream Beauty

These bulbs are available in lovely, small terracotta pots or in 9cm plastic pots for you to plant in your own container or garden. They are tough and have been outside all Winter. As long as the ground isn’t frozen they can be planted and will come back and increase.

Bulbs in terracotta pots: £3.50. In plastic pots: £1.50


There aren’t many seeds you can sow now because of the cold and short days, but sweetpeas are an exception: they can be started off inside with warmth for them to germinate and then put outside in all weathers. They only need protection if the weather is forecast to be particularly brutal. They can survive down to -5. Mine are outside almost all Winter and this turns them into strong little plants.

The mix on sale is of my favourite varieties chosen for their scent and range of colours. The seed was collected from the plot last Summer and have a high, reliable germination rate.

Here is a selection of other seeds available which are packed and ready to go – all at £1.50 a packet:

Ammi majus (Hardy Annual)

Briza maxima

Cerinthe major

Tagetes cinnabar

Perennial sweetpea Pink Pearl

More information on these and others soon available on the Seed page.