Homesown flowers and plants: what’s available for July 12th


Flowers and plants can be delivered directly to your door after 10.00 am on Sunday morning or you can pick them up at Sofacoma Market as soon as it opens. If you would like deliveries at any other time, please ask as these are also available.

Please email your order before Friday at 6.00pm. I will confirm availability as soon as I can and you can then pay via BACS or with cash/cheque in an envelope at the Market.


The plants on offer this week will give colour and interest until the first frosts; they are beautiful, reliable perennials which tolerate the heavy clay of my garden and seem to do well without constant full sun. All these have been grown from cuttings or seed from my plants and so should be suited to local conditions.

Salvia patens is a fairly anonymous looking plant before it starts to bloom, but when it does (from about now to the frosts) it is fantastic – it has the very loveliest of intense blue flowers which are a magnet for pollinating insects. It can be grown in a pot or placed in the border. It will need some protection in Winter when it dies back e.g. a mulch to protect its dahlia like tubers. Mine have survived several years so far. It prefers sun, but doesn’t need full sun all day. Can grow up to 18” and likes well drained soil.

Available in medium and larger pots (1 litre/ 1.5 litre) £3.00 – £3.50

Salvia Cerro Potosi

Another favourite grown from home collected seed, its bright magenta pink flowers are loved by butterflies, bees and moths. It is an evergreen perennial which is shrubby in habit. Should be cut down to lowest green shoot in April. Can grow over 2′ in a season and continues flowering until the frosts and beyond if dead headed. Likes sun.

Available in small (9cm) pots and medium: £2.50 – £3.00

Penstemons Firebird and Burgundy

Both in flower now and will continue until the frosts with lots of new flowers appearing , especially if you deadhead. They are semi evergreen and can be planted in full sun or partial shade. They are loved by pollinating insects and are long flowering and extremely pretty. Can grow up to around 18”. Cut down foliage to lowest green shoots in April.

Large 2 litre pots: £5.00


It hasn’t felt much like Summer this week, but the flowers are definitely coming on strong and there is a change as plants like delphiniums and feverfew take a rest and scabious, roses, salvia and sweetpeas become more productive. The first dahlia has bloomed and others are showing promise for a week or two.

Some of this week’s pickings:

If you would like a regular delivery weekly, fortnightly or monthly, why not buy a flower subscription? Cost dependent on length of subscription and size of bouquet/bucket – affordable, seasonal flowers delivered to your door. Makes a great present.

Bouquets of flowers are supplied in a jam jar or a vase, from smaller bunches at £5.00 to larger ones at £10.00 and £20.00 or over.

Jam Jar Flowers start at £5.00 and are made up of what is looking best each week.

Gift bouquets:

Buckets of flowers to arrange yourself start at £15.00 with at least 50 stems. If there is a particular colour palette you prefer for your bouquet or bucket, let me know. Flowers can be gift wrapped – just ask when ordering.

The flowers will vary depending on what is growing best; this week’s flowers will be chosen from: echinops, achillea, larkspur, roses, ammi majus, geum, astrantia, love in a mist, scabious and a range of foliage.

A word about the flowers: all the flowers and foliage are grown (and sometimes foraged) by me locally with a light environmental footprint and an organic approach. Most have been grown from seed, using organic methods, in high quality peat free compost. Once harvested, they are transported less than a mile from the plot and are conditioned, but not treated with anything but water.This means the flowers you buy from me will not have been doused several times in chemicals. They are ephemeral, beautiful and gentle on the environment. in fact, many of them are chosen because they are loved by butterflies and bees.