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Six on Saturday

A milder and definitely more Spring like feel to this week’ s Six after another white out last Saturday. Not a promising start to my  Farmers Market year, travelling there through snow and ice. Today there is rain so the … Continue reading

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Plotting a Wedding

Recently I was offered my first chance to grow wedding flowers and with some (realistic) trepidation have accepted. So now the planning begins. What a responsibility, but how exciting to have a definite focus to work towards. Just what I … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

This is a whirlwind Six before setting off on a trip. Mild and damp outside, it couldn’t be more different from last Saturday’s white out. The elastic resilience of plants has amazed me. Last week bent down with heavy snow, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

Lets be honest if it was difficult last week to find a different Six, this week it is teetering on the impossible. The real blanket on the ground, close schools and make the road outside your house impassable snow only … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

Difficult to feel that there is an abundance of choice for this week’s Six on Saturday with the ground frozen, plants stopped in their tracks and newly emerging seeds looking regretful. Here in this garden a new bout of Winter … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

Ok, I’ll admit it straightaway – this is probably a bit of a cheat, but in my defence this week I have either been ill, or working and today I am off on a trip. So here is something that … Continue reading

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Examining the Plot

Just like the allotment, I have found it too easy to forget the plot.  It seems I have been in almost total gardening hibernation since November, apart from the odd hour here and there pottering in the greenhouse and digging … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

So now it is February and there have been some piercingly bright days slicing the grey and the gloom. The light is lasting for longer and although the nights have gone back to cold and some mornings to frosty, seed … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday

Sometimes, and I would argue often, the minutes (adding up to hours) I spend on social media lead me down interesting paths to long articles and quick insights. For example, last weekend when it was raining without stop and even … Continue reading

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January 19th: A chilli kind of day

Looking outside the sky is sharply bright and blue and it seems this is a January day in a Spring disguise. But being outside it is keenly cold with a biting  wind. The greenhouse is not particularly welcoming at 5 … Continue reading

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