Planting on the Plot

A chill returned this weekend but my perennials growing in pots had been hardening off out of the cold greenhouse and on the plot itself. The knautia looked very cheerfully stocky and the strong white roots were creeping gently out of their pots so decided to get them in the ground in the almost weed free soil of the second bed. Added pea shingle to help drainage and peat free compost on the top. The seeds were from Higgledy Garden and the plants promise to be different shades of pink. Last year’s flowers from the garden looked wavy and wiry and wildish in my experimental bundles of flowers at the market.

The plant left over with its slightly weather beaten outer leaves will go in the garden at home.

Bit battered but healthy knautia

Bit battered but healthy knautia

Looking at the two planted up beds at the plot, it was reassuring to realise that the planting had all been done at home from seed and that the sweet rocket, achillea, cornflowers and direct sown larkspur had not needed much outlay, though sowing, pricking out and potting on over months did take time.

The emerging tulips on the other hand are a different story.

Cosmos Dazzler growing steadily on cool windowsill

Cosmos Dazzler growing steadily on cool windowsill

Windowsill seeds at home making good progress, but looking forward to when it is warm enough for some direct sowing.

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