Catching Up with the Plot

This weekend was the first time for two weeks that I was able to look at how the plot has been doing. It has had to look after itself in the winds, rain and recent sun as I have been unable to get to the other end of a long tunnel of work. Still not there, but snatched a couple of hours in the bright sun at the plot this afternoon.

Recently, as I have watched my cornflowers in the garden at home get flattened by wind and heavy rain, I was nagged by the guilt of neglecting supports at the plot. Luckily, it is sheltered and it was cheering to see that the stems there haven’t been twisted into the u shapes of my garden flowers. Next year, supports definitely going to be a priority everywhere. Pea netting, sticks or something more decorative will have to go in place early on. With plans to reduce paid work by half, this might even be possible.

So while I was looking elsewhere over the last two weeks, the hesperis has burst into white and a single cornflower has unfurled blue.

Sturdy white hesperis

Sturdy white hesperis

The loveliest blue

The loveliest blue

Not enough is in flower to make up bunches, but it is a start as the sweet peas show flower buds along with larkspur, achillea and knautia.

Knautia with buttons of buds

Knautia with buttons of buds

Need less wind and more warmth and as always more time.

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