Sowing Seeds in the Sun

The sun is out and I have been doing hopeful, late plantings of biennials and perennials for next year’s pickings and plants to sell on the stall. Don’t think even the biennial seeds that were sown earlier and have germinated will make it into big enough plants to sell in the Autumn, but they will get planted at the plot even if a bit late. So far have minute Pam’s Choice foxglove seedlings just pricked out along with Sweet William Auricula Eyed and Blood Red wallflowers. They all look full of life, but tiny.

Tiny foxglove and sweet william seedlings

Tiny foxglove and sweet william seedlings

Today have sown Anchusa Dropmore for its lovely blue and edible flowers next year; the perennial Foxglove Camelot with its white splotched with scarlet flowers which are all around the stem as well as two different violas – one the cheerful annual Hearstease with its edible flowers and the second the more sultry perennial Frosted Chocolate. All these are Sarah Raven seeds which always seem to germinate reliably and are true to what is promised on the packet.

Perky but micro wallflower seedlings

Perky but micro wallflower seedlings

Also collected my own seed from Knautia macedonia whose flowers are coming to an end in the garden and from the gorgeous blue of Salvia patens growing in pots out front. Last year the small plants survived the winter well in the unheated cold frames. and were very popular in the markets, especially when in flower. Haven’t kept enough to use as  a cut flower, but they would look lovely – maybe next year…

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