January 19th: A chilli kind of day

Looking outside the sky is sharply bright and blue and it seems this is a January day in a Spring disguise. But being outside it is keenly cold with a biting  wind. The greenhouse is not particularly welcoming at 5 degrees and even the sun on the glass doesn’t seem to have made much difference. So it is tempting to retreat back to the comfortable warmth of the house, but not for long and only to get extra layers and gloves and hats, because today’s main task is the sowing of seeds: chillies.

chilli packets

Freshly arrived seed

I learned and even noted down some sensible points  last year: don’t plant too many; stick to just a few varieties and remember you live in a suburban house not a small holding. Of course today, I am going to ignore all this and plant every seed from every packet I over ordered last week from Sea Spring Seeds. In March, April and May when I run out of room it is guaranteed I will be sorry, but not today.

This year have decided to choose varieties with a little more heat, but as always I am tempted most by their looks. I have high hopes for all of them, but especially Joe’s Long Cayenne which was so beautiful and vigorous last Summer in Chelsea Physic garden.


Joe’s Long Cayenne


Five pots and 100 seeds planted. Still six packets to go …

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