Examining the Plot

Just like the allotment, I have found it too easy to forget the plot.  It seems I have been in almost total gardening hibernation since November, apart from the odd hour here and there pottering in the greenhouse and digging up leeks from their clay bed at the allotment.

Definitely no pretty pictures from today with this post as apart from the nettles which do look perky with new growth, there is very little else showing at the plot. Though, the  sturdy pittosporums, both variegated and fresh green, are looking resilient, totally unaffected by Winter’s cold and wet. Shiny and healthily lovely in the gloom, they are waiting for something else to come back and join them. And amidst the fallen debris of last year’s annuals, there are a few small beaks of tulips opening up and some narcissi with a hint of bud. But everywhere else it is about decay and cold earth. Of course, there is hope that there are perennials biding their time under the surface just waiting for warmth. A little like me.

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2 Responses to Examining the Plot

  1. Ali says:

    On a rainy windy day in Feb I am struggling to find something pretty to gaze upon too. Am thinking of cutting some hellebores to bring inside, to cheer me up!


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