Flowers, Plants & Seeds: What’s Available(March 10th onwards).

Despite the recent chill the increasing light is getting everything growing more quickly. Now as well as some annuals, there are also some perennials filling their pots. If you are interested in ordering any of the flowers and plants below, just email me and they can be delivered free to your door if you live within 6 miles of Oxford (with a minimum order of £5). Payment can be made via BACS or cash.


Flower orders can be made up to Saturday before midday. Narcissi, hellebores, anemones, tulips, Spring Snowflakes, daffodils and Spring blossom will be some of flowers included in each jam jar/bunch/bouquet.

The flowers are mainly grown in my garden and plot, but are supplemented for the next few weeks with other local and British flowers.

Jars of flowers: £6.00 and £10.00

Bunches and bouquets: £15.00, £20.00 and £25.00


A lovely unfussy plant which gently and reliably self seeds. A pretty filler in the border and the vase, its attractive, purple bell-like flowers are a magnet for bees and other pollinators. It has silver grey/green leaves which often have a blue wash. It flowers early and long. Space plants 12″ apart. Enjoys sun, but flowers well in part shade too as well tolerates clay soil. Grown from seeds gathered from my plot. Plants have been hardened off and can be put in the garden now. £1.50 a 9cm pot

These are grown from seeds saved from the plot from a selection of my favourite varieties chosen for their amazing scent and colour. The seedlings tolerate down to -5 so once they germinated, they were left outside to harden up. If the weather is particularly brutal, they might need a little protection. Prepare the soil to help water retention and plant out from start of March when weather is hospitable. Plant each pot around 8″ apart. Sweetpeas like to be well watered and prefer sun. They will need support to clamber up and regular picking to keep them flowering. They are the most generous of flowering annuals, but do need quite a lot of attention. I think it is worth it for the scent alone. £1.00 a 9cm pot of 2 seedlings.

Named Sweetpea Varieties


There will be more of the currently sold out varieties available in a few weeks.

Linaria Canon Went: a delicate pink toadflax which is long flowering with spires that are a magnet for butterflies and bees. It prefers well drained soil in sun and has a clump forming habit. These plants were started last year and have been completely hardened off outside over Winter. Their roots are just reaching the bottom of their pots. Plants can grow to roughly 75cm and should be planted at least 30 cm apart. £3.00 a 9cm pot – £3.50 for 12 cm pot.

Linaria Peachy: another lovely linaria similar in habit to Canon Went with attractive apricot/peachy spires which are also nectar rich. £3.00 a 9cm pot – £3.50 for a 12cm pot.

Geum Totally Tangerine: an all time favourite for the front of the border. Its flowers are prolific from Spring and it often has a second flush of flowers later in the season – beautiful orange/apricot flowers on dancing stems. It enjoys most positions and soil types including partial shade and clay, though it doesn’t like to be water logged in Winter. Tends to be evergreen in my garden. Flowers are great for cutting too and can grow to around 75 cm but stay shorter in my clay soil. £3.50 a 12cm pot.

Campanula persicifolia: a truly lovely blue bellflower with graceful stems that grow from a mound of low growing leaves. Loved by butterflies and bees. A cottage garden favourite and a wonderful cut flower too. £2.50 a 9cm pot.

Hardy Geranium Bill Wallis:one of the most cheerful and tough plants in my garden. It thrives in all sorts of conditions and gently self seeds. Its pretty purple flowers are long lasting and give a lovely cottage garden feel. Good for the front of a border or filling in the gaps. £2.50 a 9cm pot and £3.00 a 12cm pot.

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2 Responses to Flowers, Plants & Seeds: What’s Available(March 10th onwards).

  1. Di Mellish says:


    Please could I order 4 pots of sweet peas & the larger sized pot of bill wallis geranium. If possible, could the sweet peas be any of the pastel shades & include some hi scent ones? I’ve bought plants from you many times and you have delivered to me previously. It’s 42 Norreys Avenue. Happy to pay in advance if best. Finally, I’ve got a lot of droopy bulb leaves which I think were from plants I bought from you last year. Might you have any idea if that’s the case. I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I think they had blue flowers. Best wishes, Di

    Sent from my iPad



    • Hello Di,
      Thanks for your message and I can definitely deliver 4 pots of sweetpeas and a Bill Wallis to you. I am delivering to Norreys Ave this Thursday in the afternoon if that would suit you. Otherwise, I am delivering again on Saturday.
      Not sure about the droopy bulb leaves or whether I sold them to you as I can’t remember whether I grew blue bulbs last year. My hyacinth leaves are looking pretty droopy now, but there are small buds appearing. I will look through last year’s records to see if I can find out. Sometimes bulbs miss a season as they bulk up. If you are able to pay via BACS, I will send an invoice to your email. If not, you can pay by cash or cheque. Best wishes


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