Flowers Again and some Small Plants

Spring bunches and bouquets are available again this weekend and can be delivered from Friday 26th March onwards. There are hellebores, tulips, daffodils/narcissi, anemones and the first ranunculus among other lovely seasonal flowers. If you would like to order flowers or any of the plants below, contact me by email. Payment can be made by BACS or cash.


Delivery is free within 6 miles of Oxford with a minimum order of £5.00


A bouquet delivered this week

The flowers are grown in my garden and plot, but are supplemented for the next few weeks with other local and British flowers.

Jars of flowers: £6.00 and £10.00

Bunches and bouquets: £15.00, £20.00 and £25.00


As well as the last of the sweetpeas in 9cm pots, there are also some 7cm pots of hardy annuals available at £1.00 each. Roots are just poking out of the bottoms of the pots and they have been hardened off by being outside for weeks.

What’s available:

White Corncockle (Agrostemma githago Ocean Pearl) Hardy Annual: a beautifully graceful cottage garden plant. Its milky white flowers have lovely grey speckles in their throat. Gives airy movement in the garden and makes a wonderful cut flower. Can grow up to 18 inches. Enjoys sun. Be aware that all parts of the plant are toxic if ingested. Can tolerate low temperatures.

Orlaya Grandiflora grown from home gathered seed: a delicate lace-flowered umbellifer which is loved by pollinating insects. Can grow over 18 inches in the right conditions – it enjoys sun. May need support in windy positions. As well as being a lovely garden plant, it makes a great cut flower.

Calendula Geolights: A very pretty, tall variety of the reliable and generously flowering calendula family. It has apricot/peach petals with an attractive rusty back; the flower has a lovely brown centre and strong stems which makes it great for cutting. Plants should be planted 9 to 12 inches apart. Enjoys sun, but can tolerate part shade.

Calendula Indian Prince: a glamorous and reliable variety of marigold with bright orange petals with crimson backs. Edible and makes a great addition to a salad.

Calendula Snow Princess: another very pretty variety with almost white petals.


Campanula Persicifolia Blue Bells: a truly lovely blue bellflower with graceful stems that grow from a mound of low growing leaves. Loved by butterflies and bees. A cottage garden favourite and a wonderful cut flower too. £2.50 a 9cm pot. £2.00 a 7cm pot

Foxglove Lutea: a perennial foxglove with creamy/primrose yellow flowers loved by pollinating insects. Its delicate bells are very attractive and it bulks up year on year. Great for cutting too, it likes shade to semi shade in well drained soil, but will grow in sun too. It reaches 60 cm. Small 7cm pots available now for £1.50 and larger plants in a few weeks time. A reminder that foxgloves are poisonous if ingested.

Scented Pelargonium, Attar of Roses: just potted on into old terracotta pots, these will need to be kept indoors or under cover until after the last frosts. The leaves are beautifully scented and the flowers are a lovely lavender pink. Can be used for to make teas and cordials. Feed regularly once it starts to flower – seaweed solution or dilute tomato feed each time you water will keep it flowering vigorously. It will grow into a large plant. £4.50 a pot

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2 Responses to Flowers Again and some Small Plants

  1. Anne Worsnop says:

    Don’t know if you’ve subscribed to Deb’s emails but this is the latest. Anything you like the look of? I’m going to get a couple of marigolds for Aunty Clare and maybe another foxglove Lutea in case last years doesn’t come back. xx



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