What’s available this week: May 8th & 9th

Flowers and big tomato plants are this week’s highlights with some new small perennials and annuals also ready to go. There is free delivery to anywhere within 6 miles of Oxford with a minimum order of £6.00. This week, orders can be delivered on Saturday and Sunday only.

The Homesown stall will be at Wolvercote Community Market, this Sunday from 10.00am until midday. If you would like to pre-order flowers or plants for collection there, just let me know by Saturday midday.

Any advance orders, please email me at the address below and payment can be arranged via BACs or with cash/cheque:

email: thedevelopingplot@gmail.com

Flowers to Order:

Ranunculus, tulips, geums, alliums and anemones are all still going strong and will be in this week’s bunches.

Spring flowers


Small jam jar: £6.00

Large jar: £10.00

Bouquets: £15.00 upwards

There will be smaller posies and bunches to buy on the day at Wolvercote Market.

Tomato Plants:

Probably the last week for tomato plants. They will need hardening off and protection from frost, but can be planted under cover now. Many were sown early and so are big. One tip for tall tomato plants is to remove the lower leaves and plant them deeply (including part of the stem) as tomatoes grow roots from their stems.

There are 3 varieties available in different size pots. All are picked because they are reliable and taste delicious:

Sungold: a beautifully sweet cherry tomato with orange skin when ripe. £2.00 a pot.

Gardener’s Delight: a reliable, old favourite red cherry tomato with a great flavour. £2.00 a pot.

Tigerella: a medium sized tomato with an attractive red and yellow striped skin and a lovely flavour. £1.50 a 9cm pot & £2.00 for medium sized pot.

Annuals and Perennials:

Sign up below for regular updates of what is available:

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3 Responses to What’s available this week: May 8th & 9th

  1. Noel Rainbird says:

    Hi Deb,

    Please may I have 3 small jam jars and 3 cosmos?

    Thanks, Noel



  2. Di Mellish says:


    Please could I order some cosmos. I can’t see the price but could I order 6? I live at 42 Norreys avenue. Many thanks


    Sent from my iPad



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