Plants & Flowers Available this Week

Lots of rain and some sun means there are plants as well as flowers ready this week. Just email for free delivery within 6 miles of Oxford and a minimum order of £6.00.

There will also be a stall at Wolvercote Community Market on Sunday, May 23rd from 10.00am to midday. Pre orders for delivery or pick up at the market can be made up to Saturday afternoon at 1.00pm



Lovely, seasonal flowers can be ordered now for delivery from Saturday 22nd May.

Close up of Spring bouquet


Small jam jar: £6.00

Large jar: £10.00

Bouquets: £15.00 upwards

A bucket of flowers to arrange yourself: starts at £20.00


New, pretty and unusual annuals are ready this week. Some have quirky and interesting shapes like Craspedia and Limonium which look great growing in the garden, but also dry extremely well. Scabious Fata Morgana was the best discovery from last year and has come back again this one so should perhaps be in perennial section. Acrolinium is another annual which is beautiful both fresh and dried.



Courgette Gold Rush: 9cm pot £2.00 – an extremely productive, thin skinned yellow variety which is also very tasty. The roots are just reaching the bottom of the pots and they have been hardened off.

Cucumber ‘La Diva’: 7cm pot £1.50 – a delicious, sweet tasting mini cucumber which has a thin smooth skin. The plants are still quite small, but have been hardened off.

Cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’: £7 cm pot £1.50 – a smooth skinned cucumber with a very good flavour. Again, the plants have been hardened off and are still small.

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1 Response to Plants & Flowers Available this Week

  1. Noel Rainbird says:

    Morning Deb,

    Please could I have:

    2 x mini cucumber diva 1 x gold rush courgette 1 x dianthus 3 x scabious – 9cm pots if you still have them, otherwise 12cm 2 x £6 jam jars

    Many thanks, Noel



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