Lots of Lovely, Local Flowers this Week (and some plants, mainly cosmos)

The garden and plot are both abundant with new flowers appearing every day. Peonies, roses, delphiniums, foxgloves and lots more will be in this week’s bouquets and jars. Deliveries are free within 6 miles of Oxford with a minimum order of £6.00 and are available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (18th – 20th June). A day’s notice for orders is helpful, but not always needed. Payment can be made via BACs or with cash.

There will be flowers and some plants for sale at SOFACOMA market (just off Lake St in Oxford) this Sunday from 10.00am until midday. Please contact me if you would like to reserve/pre-order).

Email: thedevelopingplot@gmail.com

All the flowers are grown on Oxford’s doorstep without the use of pesticides and using an approach which is as gentle to the environment as possible.

Flower Prices:

Small jam jar: £6.00

Large jar: £10.00

Bouquets: £15.00 – £30.00

Buckets to arrange for yourself or an event: £20.00 – £40.00. The smallest bucket has at least 40 stems and often more depending on what is available to pick.


Along with a few pots of scented pelargoniums, small pots of ammi visnaga, there are also three varieties of cosmos available: Dazzler, Pink Bon Bon and Purity. All should keep flowering well into Autumn and the pelargoniums next year and beyond if protected from frost.

The pelargoniums are in terracotta pots and are £3.50 while the cosmos and ammi are in 9cm/7cm pots and cost £1.50 each.

If you would like regular updates, please sign up below:

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1 Response to Lots of Lovely, Local Flowers this Week (and some plants, mainly cosmos)

  1. Anne Worsnop says:

    Hi Deb

    I’d like to order a jar of mixed colours for Phoebe’s birthday. We’ll be going to London on Sunday. Can you deliver on Saturday please?

    A £10 jar of flowers 5 Cosmos Dazzler 6 Cosmos Rose Bon Bon

    Many thanks

    Anne 26 Norreys Ave



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