Plants & Spring Flowers

This Sunday, March 20th, the Homesown stall will be at Wolvercote Community Market with a range of plants including bee friendly perennials and annuals, along with pots of bulbs and hopefully some salad plugs, all grown in peat free compost by me locally. There will be a very small selection of houseplants. More details of what will be available below.

There will also be jars, pots and bouquets of lovely Spring flowers such as narcissi, tulips, blossom and other seasonal beauties such as hellebores and honesty available to buy at the market or for delivery from Sat March 19th. Jam jars of flowers are £6.50; pickle jars £10 and gift wrapped bouquets start at £15.

Spring bouquet

Mother’s Day Flower Orders: these can also be made now and can be delivered from March 25th. Each bunch or bouquet will contain a mixture of lovely Spring flowers and foliage grown by me supplemented with flowers from other local and British growers chosen for their sustainable approach. As well as the jars and bunches, bespoke bouquets can be made too – just ask. Smaller jars of flowers will be available at the market.

Contact me to order at: Delivery is free within 5 miles of Oxford (with a minimum order of £10).



A selection of some of the plants available this week


Homesown Sweetpea Mix: these are grown from seed saved from my favourite varieties chosen for their amazing scent and colour. The seedlings tolerate down to -5 so once they germinated, they were left outside to harden up. If the weather is particularly brutal, they might need a little protection. Prepare the soil to help water retention and plant out from start of March when weather is hospitable. Plant each pot around 8″ apart. Sweetpeas like to be well watered and prefer sun. They will need support to clamber up and regular picking to keep them flowering. They are the most generous of flowering annuals, but do need quite a lot of attention. I think it is worth it for the scent alone. £1.50 a 9cm pot of 3 seedlings.

Sweetpea Helen Millar: lavender wash over white petals and beautiful scent

Sweetpea Mrs Bernard Jones: rosy pink ruffled petals with fantastic fragrance

Sweetpea Mrs Collier: heritage variety with creamy flowers and delicious scent

All named varieties of sweetpeas: £1.50 a 9cm pot of 2 seedlings.


Geums: the flowers of both these varieties are prolific from Spring onwards with a second flush of flowers later in the season – beautiful flowers on dancing stems. They enjoy most positions and soil types including partial shade and clay. Tends to be evergreen in my garden. Flowers are great for cutting too and can grow to around 75 cm but stay shorter in my clay soil.  £3.00 a 1 litre pot & £5.00 a 2 litre pot

Linaria Canon Went: a delicate pink toadflax which is long flowering with spires that are a magnet for butterflies and bees. It prefers well drained soil in sun and has a clump forming habit. These plants were started last year and have been completely hardened off outside over Winter. Plants can grow to roughly 75cm and should be planted at least 30 cm apart. £3.00 a 9cm pot; £3.50 for 12 cm pot & £2.50 for 9cm pot.

Knautia Macedonia: a top favourite plant, it is also a great favourite with pollinating insects. It has a neat rosette of leaves and truly lovely magenta scabious type flower on wiry stems and can grow up to 75 cms (30 ins). Prefers a sunny spot in well drained soil, but copes very well with my clay soil in part shade. Clumps up every year and can be divided. £2.50 for 9cm pot; £3.50 for 1 litre; £5 for 2 litre.

Salad Plugs: mizuna, salad rocket and mustard leaves 25p each or 5 for £1

Please sign up below if you would like regular updates of what’s available each week.

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