What’s Available this Week (June 30th onwards)

The first sunflowers are beginning to bloom at the plot with roses and lots of other lovelies such as scabious, daisies and sweetpeas. Not so many plants available now as many of the perennials need time to fill their bigger pots, but there are different varieties of healthy and fragrant scented pelargoniums in small and medium terracotta pots. See below for more details.

If you would like to order flowers or plants, please email me: thedevelopingplot@gmail.com

Delivery is free within 5 miles of Oxford with a minimum order of £10.00. Alternatively, orders can be picked up from Sofacoma Market, Lake St, Oxford this Sunday, July 3rd.


All flowers and plants are raised in peat free compost using an organic approach. Due to rising costs (of compost in particular) some prices have been increased slightly this week.

A Jam Jar of flowers: £7.50

A Pickle Jar of flowers: £11.00

Bouquets of flowers: start at £15.00 in a vase or wrapped

Buckets of flowers: £20 for at least 30 stems; £25 for at least 40 stems and £35 for at least 60 stems

Pelargonium Plants

Below is a selection of some of the pelargoniums available together with Pink Capitatum and Attar of Roses.


In a 9cm plastic pot: £3.00

In a small terracotta pot: £4.00

In a medium terracotta pot: £5.00

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