Wreaths: Both Fresh and Festive & Everlasting

If you would like to make an order (or ask a question), please email me:


Everlasting Wreaths

All my everlasting wreaths are made from generous handfuls of garden gathered flowers, foliage and grasses. Grown using an organic approach and dried naturally, the flowers have as light an environmental footprint as possible. Each wreath is individual and made on a straw base (either 10 or 12 inches) to which layers and layers of beautiful dried material are added. If kept out of bright sunlight in a dry place, these wreaths will last for years and keep their bright loveliness


Medium wreath approx 13 inch: £25

Large wreath approx 15 inch: £30

As dried flowers can be fragile, each wreath is wrapped very carefully for free delivery within 6 miles of Oxford. Wreaths can also be packed and posted further afield. It is possible to request a bespoke wreath in a different size and with a different colour palette. Not a hard sale pitch, but the number of wreaths available will be quite limited as each wreath has a generous amount of material and takes quite a time to make.

Fresh Festive Wreaths (can be pre-ordered) available from November 27th

Fresh wreaths are made on a moss and wire base and are covered in generous handfuls of fresh foliage, berries and beautiful seedheads. All the ingredients are from my plot and garden or are lightly foraged locally. If the moss is kept damp, the wreath will last weeks and weeks. They dry beautifully too.

Wreaths can be pre-ordered for delivery or for pick up at Sofacoma community market from November 27th. Wreaths can also be sent by post if you don’t live locally.


Wreath on a 10 inch wire base: £15.00

Wreath om a 12 inch wire base: £20.00

Wreath on a 14 inch wire base: £25.00

The diameter of each wreath will be at least 2 inches wider than the base

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