Wreaths & Pots of Festive Flowers

There is still time to order a lovely, local handmade wreath decorated with homegrown flowers, foliage and lightly foraged ingredients. Fresh wreaths are made on a moss base and will last for weeks if kept damp while dried everlasting wreaths will last for years if kept dry. If you would like to make your own fresh wreath, moss bases and a starter kit are available too. Wreaths can be ordered for delivery up to 11th December.

Each wreath is different and if you would like to choose one in person, there will be a variety to choose from at Sofacoma Market, just off Lake St in Oxford this Sunday, 4th December.

There will also be fragrant paperwhite narcissus, hyacinths and iris reticulata in pots which make great gifts (for yourself or other people).

Pre-orders for pick up at the market or for free delivery within 6 miles of Oxford can be made by contacting me at: thedevelopingplot@gmail.com

Payment can be made in cash or by BACS.

Fresh Wreaths

Fresh wreaths on 12 inch frames are £20 each

Fresh wreaths on 10 inch frames are £15 each

Fresh wreaths on 14 inch frames are £25

If you are interested in making your own fresh wreath, you can buy a starter kit for £10

The starter kit contains: a mossed wreath base, a mix of foliage to get you started and some mossing pins. Instructions for how to make a wreath from scratch, starting from the wire base, are on the website. https://thedevelopingplot.com/how-to-make-a-mossed-wreath-base/

Everlasting Wreaths

There will be a small selection of dried wreaths at Sofacoma Market this Sunday. These are handmade by me and the flowers and foliage were grown on my plot.

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