Potting on and Planting Seeds

Today the sun shone and promised Spring and it felt the ideal time to pot plants on and sow more sweetpeas. Some of the last lot planted two weeks ago are looking quite lank and leggy, but hard treatment in the chilly cold frame hasn’t seemed to kill them and might toughen them up.Planted out my last packets of Royal Wedding, Mollie Rilestone, Beaujolais and Black Knight. The last pots are half labelled and half mystery – that is the haphazardness that I can’t quite properly say goodbye to yet. So the labelled can be sold on our Farmer’s Market stalls and the unlabelled can be planted in my developing plot to be sold as cut flowers later. Well, that’s the theory, though as last year think the proper job might get in the way.

sweet peas being given tough love

sweet peas being given tough love

The plan is to carry on the sale of plants at various local farmers markets, but also to plant the leftovers on the patch to make sure nothing gets thrown on the compost. However, not sure there is enough room or a big enough market for the 100 small Achillia Cerise Queen I have grown …

Potted on the Knautia into bigger pots and despite the frost and wet they seem perky. The 80 odd moth mullein plantlets don’t look so happy, but might liven up with more light and warmth in a few weeks time.

The neglected bulbs lurking in the porch have been mostly planted (in any empty pots I could find) and might not be completely wasted. Even if the daffodils only flower next year.

Salvias and penstemon cuttings are surviving under cold cover too.

A hopeful day!

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2 Responses to Potting on and Planting Seeds

  1. R says:

    Goodluck! What varieties of flowers will be available from your stall?


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