A Slowly Developing Plot

It looked promising today, despite heavy rain last night,  it was a  misty morning with a sense of the sun waiting to come through. So I set off to the plot to see what damage the cold and wet had done. Very squelchy underfoot, but the honesty is still looking green and alive as are the late planted cornflowers. The Achillea Cerise Queen seem to have taken a battering and are puny and pitiful, but I have seen them look this way at the allotment before they recovered and flourished later in the year. So I am hopeful. Anyway, I have at least 100 spare plants surviving in little pots…


Just some of the 100 achillea plants waiting until spring

Didn’t do much at the plot apart from enjoy the brief sunshine, put down some paths with weed suppressing membrane and a bit of lackadaisical weeding. At the first hint of gentle rain went home.

This idea of tracking the progress of my developing plot  is not as original as I thought. Visiting one of my favourite websites today, I noticed that Ben Runyard at Higgledy Garden is writing about a new cut flower patch from scratch with exactly the same dimensions as mine: 15 metres by 10 metres.  I can compare his expert public progress with my amateur experiments and learn at the same time.

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