Planning the Plot

Despite being warned by the two fat rain drops which sequenced their way through the whole day on the weather forecast, today was the day I met with my plant stall partner and friend to discuss our plans for the year and for her first visit to the plot. We had agreed we could be hardy and wouldn’t be worried by rain, but decided to discuss our flower plans over coffee and biscuits first.

We agreed that the farmers’ market focus for this year would be on the patch and flowers. Any small plants not put in the patch can be sold alongside the bunches of flowers on our stall. Meanwhile the 100 achillea cerise queen, 60 odd cornflowers and white foxgloves will be on sale from our first stall in early March.

The driving rain had gathered in a disconcerting pool at the bottom of the road which turns to the plot. IMG_0635[3]

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