Keeping Up

Getting closer and closer to a school holiday when I hope to catch up on everything that needs catching up on –  from the neglected allotment to the front and back gardens and thedevelopingplot. The latter has had the most of my little attention recently, but the end of this week will mean more free and flexible time which is always precious.

While I am fretting about all the different complications in my work and family life, my little plants are growing steadfastly on – even surviving my lack of watering and casual neglect. The sweet peas I left outside by mistake seem fine as do the ammi majus and the little plants of moth mullein which have flourished in the sunshine over last few days.

Sweet peas growing cheerfully surrounded by moth mullein getting bigger

Sweet peas growing cheerfully surrounded by moth mullein getting bigger

Everything is putting on a silent sprint of growth, but like my marking they will have to wait for the weekend and holiday to be sorted out.


Morning Glory seedlings in cold frame

Feel unexpectedly behind suddenly,  especially as I haven’t planted any seeds for the last week. Black cornflowers, calendula and nigella  will be sown at home and directly as soon as Friday comes. Not to mention larkspur, corncockle and scabious.

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