Other plots and plans

After the hours of digging last week, the plot has had to develop without any help from me. Now the neglected allotment and garden need a little effort and attention. Have also been busy trying to get organised for the first stall next week at Wolvercote Farmers Market. Definitely won’t be any flowers from the plot, but daffodils and tulips in pots might be ready but the ranunculus have a way to go.

Daffodils (cheerfulness) in bud

Daffodils (cheerfulness) in bud

There will be different small (and slightly larger) plants for sale though for the Homesown stall I run with flower friend. The achillea Cerise Queen is looking fine; the moth mullein are also vigorous and the Geranium Phaeums flourish. The chocolate mint plants are growing on and filling their pots too.

Chocolate mint getting bigger

Chocolate mint getting bigger

My (mostly) patient life partner will be pleased for some space to walk around the outside of our house so I hope some sell. If not, our garden and the allotment will be beautifully crammed.

The wind is blowing in fury as it has done all night. Another cold frame is missing its lid and the plants outside have been given a bit of a bruising, but I am going out to weed and mulch and if I am brave enough, inspect damage to the slowly developing plot.

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