Blue and Bee Anxiety

A mixed day of darting into work to collect all that needs to be done and driving the car to see if it’s fixed (it’s not) and walking the poor old dog. Somewhere in the middle, managed to sit in the warmth of the sun and plant some seeds of cerinthe, lupin blue javelin, sweetpeas and lavender into pots. Completely concentrating, it was happiness  almost without even noticing it.

Later, walking the dog a random thought started to bother me: why hadn’t I noticed that all the flower seeds I had planted were blue? A quick mental reminder of everything else I had sown was reassuring as the still plentiful achillea are definitely cerise. The hesperis is almost definitely white as is the ammi majus. There isn’t a blue tulip and the daffodils offer a rare splash of yellow.

Lots of blue

Lots of blue

While I was out sowing the seeds bees were buzzing crazily in the sun around the euphorbia. Frenetic and swirling, it was almost impossible to tell how many there were which made me wonder how there could possibly be a Great British Bee Count. Checked that it isn’t an April Fool. It isn’t and starts on 1st May for a month. There is a free app which I will download and use. It is going to take a fair bit of concentration.

While I have been busy not achieving much, my (mostly) patient life partner has been putting up a fence. With panels of hazel and willow, it looks pretty and perhaps rustic, though it wasn’t his original plan to have a patchwork.

Willow fencing behind the apple tree

Willow fencing behind the apple tree

No damage from wind at the plot and the sweet rocket is living up to its name and shooting away.

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