What a Difference a Day Makes

After surviving lots of digging, weeding and lifting on the plot over the holidays, I managed to hurt my back simply picking up my bag of work for school. As a result last Tuesday and Wednesday I was in a dark room, barely moving for 36 hours. When I properly got up Wednesday afternoon, it was as if I had missed a month.

One of many tulips newly flowering

One of many tulips newly flowering

Suddenly new tulips of all colours were opening in the sun, the blossom on the cherry trees and amelanchior had burst open while the quince blossom was just getting ready.

Slow growing quince in lots of bud

Slow growing quince in lots of bud

Stumbled into bright sunlight and the worry of watering which couldn’t do much about, but obliging daughter gave the plants a kind splash.

Not mobile enough to set off to the plot and went back to work with painkillers and  a slow walk on Thursday, but thinking about the plot am hoping that the hesperis might be near flowering and that the Autumn sown cornflowers might even have evidence of buds. The tulips at the plot were only just emerging last week, but surely they will have put on a bit of a spurt.

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