Getting Closer

Finally got to the plot yesterday morning and was hoping to catch sight of colour as I approached, but what is growing is still an energetic and cheerful green. Most of the plants look robust and healthy and some of them are nearly, nearly blooming, but not quite. There is a tantalising red flush in the tulip buds as they stand in healthy ranks.

Tulips not quite ready

Tulips not quite ready

The hesperis is lush and strong and surely must be about to show off flowers. Peering very closely at the cornflower, definitely saw little buds coming. Of course I should have been sensible and pinched these out earlier, but they aren’t too spindly and I want to see their blue as soon as possible.


Tiny buds on cornflowers

Back at work now some pragmatic and not necessarily pretty decisions need to be made about tackling the plot as time and energy is limited. Having dug across its bottom boundary and planted sweet peas, the challenge of digging the rest is back achingly clear. So, I have covered the weed-ridden, undug section with thick cardboard and black plastic. Hoping this will allow me to weaken the weed growth while I gradually make progress digging new beds. I will have dahlias and all sorts of seedlings to plant soon, but this year (and maybe next) these will have to be nurtured at home and planted out when they are strong enough to thrive and I have had time to prepare the ground properly for them.

A good use for cardboard packaging

A good use for cardboard packaging

The challenge now is not to lose anymore of the planting pace and to keep sowing seeds. Still haven’t got round to zinnias or sunflowers and I would like sweet peas later as well as black cornflowers and black cat scabious and everything else that I love which I am in danger of forgetting in the maelstrom of other things  that need to be done. Have to remember that seeds only take seconds to sow.

Selling a selection of plants at the Farmers Market in East Oxford this Saturday was such a pleasure as they sold so quickly and were bought with such  unexpected enthusiasm. Surprisingly, my achillea and moth mullein stocks are almost gone. People buying loved the plants I love and this is definitely something to keep going. So back to the sowing…

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