Message from the Plot

In a week dominated by work which seemed to increase and increase rather than get completed, there was no chance of getting to the plot –  even though it is less than a mile away. Working inside on bright sharply sunny days, there isn’t enough time to wonder much about what is happening at the plot. Have had a vague, background nagging worries about lack of watering done there during this very dry spell, but these haven’t quite driven me down there to do it…

So it was a relief to get an unexpected picture from the plot. Sent by my kind friend who is lending me the land, the tulips look bright and blooming. Sadly, so does the burgeoning grass at the side of the bed, but more positively no evidence there of drought or droop.

At last the tulips at the plot

At last the tulips at the plot

Tulips at home keep coming, but it won’t be long before they are over. Next year, when I will have more time to do this, I will need to have a clearer plan about the variety and volume of flowers to sell. At the Farmers Markets our small plants have sold really well, but the flowers have gone slowly. Although it seems contradictory, hope to plant much more for Spring next year so that we have more flowers to sell earlier. Will also have to research other markets and ways of selling to get this going properly. This year it is an experiment and we are enjoying the flowers in our garden and the ones we pick for the house.

Some of the tulips picked from the garden

Some of the tulips picked from the garden

There will definitely need to be a more planned and business-like approach as this project develops. Next year, will be planting tulips Abu Hassan and Ballerina again and, if I can find the name of the lovely red ones, those too…

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2 Responses to Message from the Plot

  1. RM says:

    Just let me know if you want the plot watering…..Happy to do it any time! R x


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