Abundance in May

After a month’s break Homesown will be back at the markets starting this weekend with a stall at the Wolvercote Community Market on Sunday 8th May. Orders for delivery and pre-orders for pick up at the market can be made by email: thedevelopingplot@gmail.com There is free delivery within 5 miles of Oxford for orders of £10 or more.

Below is only a selection of what is available this week.


Tomatoes: all £1.80 a pot

There are four different varieties to choose from. Most are still in 9cm pots and are being hardened off. They have all been chosen for their flavour and how well they have grown for me in the past. All can be grown outside or under cover and they are all excellent croppers. They are all cordon varieties which means they will need to be tied in to a support as they grow and have any side shoots removed. They will need a little more hardening off before being planted out after all danger of frost has gone.

Black Krim: Perhaps the most delicious tomato of all. It can be grown either under cover or outside once the weather is good. It produces large fruit in abundance which are fantastic either eaten raw or cooked in sauces.

Sungold: A favourite orange skinned cherry tomato which is perhaps the sweetest of tomatoes.

Gardener’s Delight: a reliable red cherry tomato which has great flavour.

Stupicke Polni Rane: a medium sized tomato which has a very good flavour and is bred to be blight resistant which makes it particularly good for growing outdoors.

Courgettes: £2.00 a 9cm pot

Either a green variety, Defender or Romanesco, both prolific producers with delicious courgettes or the yellow variety, Gold Rush.

Sweetcorn: 60p a 7cm pot

Flowering Plants:

Perennials: £5.00 a 2 litre pot; £4.00 a 1.5 litre pot; £3.50 a litre pot; £3.00 a 12cm pot and £2.50 a 9cm pot.

Annuals: there will be a selection of annuals available at the market including Sunflower Vanilla Ice; Calendula Snow Princess and zeolights as well as Nicandra which has beautiful blue flowers as well as extremely attractive dark seedheads. Price: £1 for 7cm pots and £1.25 for 9cm pots.


There will be Market bunches (£10) and jam jars (£6.50 upwards) available on Sunday.

£10.00 Pickle jars of flowers and bouquets starting at £15.00 can be delivered from this Saturday and Sunday. For delivery, orders need to be made a day in advance. Tulips, ranunculus and honesty are the stars of this week’s bunches with other lovely supporting acts such as aquilegias and anemones.

Next week, Sunday 15th May, we will be at Sofacoma Market in Lake Street, Oxford.

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3 Responses to Abundance in May

  1. sibling3 says:


    Can I order 2x Black Krims and 1x Sungold as well as the scented pelargonium Lara Jester please?

    Many thanks,



  2. Noel Rainbird says:

    Morning Deb,

    Please may I have 2 x black Krim and 2 x Stupicke Polni Rane tomatoes + 1 courgette of whatever you have spare.

    Many thanks, Noel



  3. Maureen Mellor says:

    Dear Deborah,

    We would like to place an order for:

    4 Gardener’s Delight toms. (£7.20p)

    4 Sungold toms.(£7.20)

    2 Courgettes (£4.00)

    2 Geum (pink/red) in litre pot (£7.00).

    We could pick them up from SOFA market 15 May or if you are passing ring (01865 241267), so one of us is in with cash!

    We are loving the 2 geums planted last year and they clearly like our plot.

    Many thanks,



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